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Thank you for joining FSWS! 

 We're happy you're here! 


Welcome to Florida Suncoast Watercolor Society! 


On behalf of the FSWS Board of Directors, I want to take the opportunity to say, “hello” and welcome you to our society. We appreciate your membership and look forward to meeting you at our local yearly exhibitions. Your membership automatically includes being able to participate in the enclosed upcoming and/or current exhibitions for this calendar year.


We are an all-volunteer local organization and hold monthly Zoom board meetings that are open for our members to join. We cordially invite you to attend and hope you will regularly participate in member activities in the future. We have a number of exciting volunteer opportunities each year, available on a variety of committees including: Communications, Exhibitions, and Social Media.


FSWS sends out a seasonal monthly newsletter highlighting member & society updates, conferences, webinars, publications, and networking opportunities, so make sure to sign up! Within the coming weeks, you will begin receiving (via email) our newsletter.

I look forward to meeting you at our annual exhibition so we can become personally acquainted, and I can introduce you to some of our other members at that time. Please contact me if you have any questions, and again, welcome!


Warm Regards, 

Linda Wokoun, FSWS President


Here are some useful links to get you started! 

2022-2023 FSWS Exhibition Calendar

Download our FSWS 2021 Member Directory

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