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FSWS is proud to support our members with juried art shows.  The Awards for our Juried Show Awards are 1st Place $500, 2nd Place $400, 3rd Place $300, Excellence in Transparent Watercolor $250 (awarded at Aqueous Shows only), Merit Awards (1-4) $100 each, Honorable Mention and Peoples’ Choice certificates.

To submit a painting to a show, the fees are as follows:

  • Members $25 for each painting (Members may submit 1 or 2 paintings per exhibition).  Dues must be paid before entering shows (Annual membership is $35)

  • Nonmembers $35 for each painting

  • Nonmembers may join at receiving (Annual membership is $35)

Transparent Exhibition Entry Forms: Please note that there is a separate entry form for transparent paintings.

 Please click on this link to download and print a copy of the FSWS Transparent Notice which must be attached to the painting.

Entry form for exhibition submission can be found here:

In the broad seven county areas that we cover, it is sometimes difficult to deliver your own paintings to a show for entry and pick up. The good news is there are volunteer couriers among us . . .  and they drive! You will need to contact them directly and make arrangements to transfer your art work and fill out the entry forms.  If you are willing to serve as a volunteer courier from your area from time to time, please contact us at


Jackie Clark (941-538-2637) 6193 9th Avenue Circle NE, Bradenton

Mary Louise Ringers (941-322-6374) 22373 Panther Loop, Bradenton

Joan Stephens (941-792-5610) 610 Estuary Drive, Bradenton

Sharon Lennox Woelfling (717-439-9003) 262 Sapphire Lake Drive, Bradenton


Arnie Parios (941-697-2174) 40 Bunker Circle, Rotunda West,

Linda Lee Foster (941-497-4802) 415 Fieldstone Drive, Venice,


Jerome Chesley (716- 903-8858) 37 Sunset Drive, Apt. P 71, Sarasota,

Roger Parent (941-966-1397) 448 East MacEwen Drive; Osprey,

Joanne Warber (941-366-6441) 1226 Holly Fern Lane, Sarasota,


Kathy Durdin (813-254-7667) 1820 W. Richardson Place, Tampa,


Pauline Boston, (941-776-9409) 3306 Wilderness Boulevard West, Parrish,

Carole Dougherty (941-722-2314) 1205 3rd Street Circle East, Palmetto,


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