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FSWS Members Exhibition Entry

ArtCenter Manatee

Members Open 40th Anniversary Aqueous Exhibition

Feb 28th - March 31st, 2023

Searle & Kellogg Gallery

Online entries open : 1/21 - 2/21

We will have your entry forms ready for you at receiving.

Please print your email receipt for your records. 

Please be patient and give the form a minute to process after hitting enter!

On the payment form, (last page) 

please make sure to use the grey right hand scroll bar at the end

to complete your payment information.

Entry fees are $25 for each painting (Members may submit 1 or 2 paintings per exhibition,

please fill out the form for each painting you are submitting).

Member yearly dues must be up to date to enter. 

Member Entry Form 
Upload File

Please include your name and painting title in uploaded file! 

Thank you for Entering!

Need help or have a question? Please hit the chat button or email
Jenny Medved at

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