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Eligibility – Except for the Signature Members Exhibition, members may submit paintings that meet the definition and criteria of either the Aqueous or Transparent Watercolor Exhibition.  All members’ dues must be current to enter an exhibition at the members’ entry fee. Non-members may join at Receiving or they may pay a higher entry fee determined by the Board. Currently, the entry fee for each painting is $25/member and $35/non-member. Entry fees are not refundable. Members may enter up to two paintings in a show and up to four paintings when FSWS offers a double show.

General – Paintings shall not be more than two years old and must be the original work of the artist.  Work done under instruction, published photocopies of paintings and copies of other works of art, will not be accepted.  A painting accepted in one juried FSWS exhibition cannot be entered in another.  A Compliance Committee will inspect all artwork. Any one artist may only receive one award per show.  Award winners must be present to accept the award (unless prior arrangements are made).

Transparent Watercolor – is defined as a painting executed in traditional watercolor paints, namely water soluble transparent medium, without the addition of opaque white pigments, the white of the paper being the only white permitted, on traditional watercolor paper.

Unacceptable paintings for transparent watercolor entries include white paint or gesso/priming, acrylic, gouache, ink, pastel, metallic/iridescent paint, collage, embossing, and all non-traditional surfaces, including Yupo. No oils, water-soluble oils, alcohol inks or computer-generated art will be accepted.

Aqueous Watercolor – is defined as a painting executed in any water soluble medium, including acrylic, ink, egg tempera or watercolor collages painted on surfaces created for water media, clay coated and synthetic surfaces, silk, yupo, illustration board and flat watercolor canvas.  No oils, water-soluble oils, alcohol inks or computer-generated art will be accepted.

Matting & Framing

Hanging Shows:  Framed paintings should be under a separate sheet of rigid and clean acrylic plastic (e.g. Plexiglas) and frames must be free of scratches, dents, or chips and must be wired for hanging.  Wire ends must be taped to prevent scratches and injury.



  • The acrylic must be clean and free of scratches, with no debris between the mat and the Plexiglass.

  • Hard substrates (either aquaboard or mounted watercolor paper on panel) must be finished with either wax or varnish with either a floating or dry mounted frame. 

  • Mounted watercolor paper edges must be clean with no rips or shedding.

  • Floating frames must be free of scratches, dents, or chips and must be wired for hanging. 

  • Wired ends must be taped to prevent scratches and injury.

  • White and off-white mats only are permitted.  Thin colored liners may be used if they add positively to the painting.

Online Shows:  Entries must be in .jpg format with 300 dpi resolution.  Entries should show the image only, no mat or frame should be in the picture.  If you are going to frame your painting and want to submit it to an online show, remember to take an image of your work before you frame it, so the image is viewable.  Online exhibitions will not generate points or count toward signature status unless a painting receives an award. See Arc.2, Sec.1 #3


Sales – A commission fee, as determined by the host gallery, will be reflected in the sale of any artwork displayed during the exhibition.

Liability – Neither the host gallery nor FSWS will be responsible for loss or damage to any artwork submitted.  The members of the receiving host gallery and FSWS will, of course, exercise the utmost care in handling all submitted artwork.

Pick-Up – Artwork must be picked up on the specified day, during the specified hours, or the host gallery may impose a storage fee.

Board Approval – The General Prospectus may be changed at the Board’s discretion. Members should check the FSWS website for the most up-to-date version

Publicity – The FSWS may photograph all accepted entries, or use submitted online entries for the winners and others at its exhibitions and receptions, and use these photographs on its website, and for any other publicity deemed appropriate by the Board.


Compliance & Jurying

All submissions are reviewed for compliance with the requirements described in the General Prospectus. Entries are reviewed after all paintings have been received and before the juror begins his/her evaluation. Works which do not comply are rejected. Decisions on compliance are final. Artists will be notified by phone if their work is not accepted.

The juror selects an appropriate number of pieces for the show based on the size of the gallery and the juror selects the award recipients.

Please inspect your paintings carefully prior to submission.

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