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These are the procedures for responding to a complaint when a painting in a FSWS show is challenged about its originality.  The President is responsible for reviewing immediately all complaints of this nature. The President must consult with the 1st Vice President who serves as Exhibition Chair, and the Compliance Committee Chair, who is not a Board member, and must keep the Board informed of such complaints and their resolution.

The complainant must provide the President with documentation supporting their complaint, such as a photo or a link to a similar painting or photograph done by another artist. The name of the complainant remains confidential.

The President must immediately contact the artist whose work is challenged and request sufficient documentation, including reference photos and drawings, and any other support materials.

The President, 1st Vice President and Compliance Committee Chair meet and review all documentation from the complainant and the artist. Their decision is final and must be reported to the FSWS Board in Executive Session to protect all parties.

If a painting is deemed a copied work lacking sufficient originality, it must be removed from the FSWS show; if an award was given for it, the award is forfeited; the artist must be informed in writing and warned that a second offense will result in forfeiting their right to exhibit in FSWS shows in the future.

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