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The Florida Suncoast Watercolor Society was formed in 1983 and has more than 200 members, many of whom have achieved statewide and national recognition for their works; it serves members who live along the Florida Gulf coast. FSWS was formed to foster the advancement of and promote excellence in the art of watercolor painting. Our intent is to inform and educate through exhibitions, lectures and painting demonstrations as to the best work currently being done in watercolor. Celebrating our 38th Anniversary in 2021 Florida Suncoast Watercolor Society (FSWS) is an IRS tax-exempt 501-C-3, not-for-profit organization for members who reside on the west coast of Florida.

FSWS usually has at least three juried exhibitions a year at various art centers and galleries in the region.  These exhibitions can be either transparent watercolor or aqueous water based media like acrylics.

Transparent Watercolor is defined as a painting executed in traditional watercolor paints, namely water-resoluble transparent medium without the addition of opaque white pigment, the white of the paper being the only white, on traditional watercolor paper, not Yupo, unvarnished, matted, and framed under Plexiglas.

Aqueous Watercolor is defined as a painting executed with any water-soluble medium, including gouache, acrylic, ink, egg tempera or watercolor collage, on such surfaces as paper, silk or Yupo, matted, and framed under Plexiglass.

Tropical Leaves 6


Gail Ribas, Diane Simon, Mary Louise Ringers, Jerry Chesley, Leda Palermo
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